Haus Konrad

Haus Konrad is a house for a retired couple. The purchase of the site was accompanied with an approved building permit, which specified the position of the future building, its external dimensions, and its roof pitch. The volumetry of the house was based closely on these specifications, maximising them. On the entrance façade, the roof reaches almost to eye-level, while the garden façade has three storeys. These storeys are stacked into the triangular shape of the interior and interconnect through a void. From certain angles, one can look through the entire house. Only the bathrooms, a utility room, and the bedrooms are enclosed spaces. 

The garden facade is partially clad with solar panels, and a rainwater cistern is dug into the garden to feed grey water into the sanitary network. Balconies serve as sun protection. Inside, built-in elements in various shades of green provide the rooms with storage space. 


Bookshelves separating the bedroom

Kon 001 Web

Interior of the study in the dormer

The house is built from hollow block bricks, complemented with a wooden structure for the roof, the garden facade, and the large dormer; and covered with a thermal insulation composite system.